Ana Lima, aka @hairbylima

TikTok has taken the world by storm, and it’s no longer a platform just for kids and teens. Ranging from funny dance videos, tips/hacks, what to buy to inspirational content, TikTok can help your business get huge brand visibility. One stylist killing it on TikTok is Ana from Hair By Lima.

Ans has over 3 videos that have hit over 5 million views and over 3 that have hit 1 million views!!!. She currently has 90k followers and has started getting new clients that found her on TikTok. We interviewed her for our IG live, and here are her top tips for growing viral on TikTok.

  1. Less is more. Ana shared that the videos that got over 1 million views are usually shorter videos where she didn’t spend a lot of time editing. She shares that the videos she creates more complex editing don’t tend to do as well. She says that the 15-second videos do best and sometimes 30 seconds, but never the 60 seconds one.
  2. Have a workflow. Ana always leaves time for taking video footage. She also has practiced capturing the right angles to show the before, during, and after footage. People love to see the results, so make sure you have time to grab video footage during the service you are offering. She captures a few seconds of the back of the hair, then turns the client around, grabbing the front of the hair. Once she is done applying the hair color, she does a video in between. Finally, once she is done with the entire process, she takes them outside and does another video.
  3. Tools are a must. Ana only uses the VideoLeap app to edit all of her videos.
  4. Schedule. Post often in the beginning, then get on a schedule. When she started, Ana was posting videos twice a day, one in the morning and one at night. Now she posts 3-4 videos a week. 
  5. Showcase grand transformations. Some of the best videos are those that will showcase big hair transformations like color corrections, test strands, and haircuts.
  6. New features. Be on the lookout for any new features and try them right away. Tiktok will give you more visibility if you are using the features they are rolling out.
  7. Use local hashtags. There isn’t much space in the caption area of Tiktok videos, but Ana recommends using a few local hashtags and trending hashtags.
  8. Tag Brands. Last but not least, tag the hair brands of products you follow. You never know who may be looking, and you may even build brand relationships this way.

More fore tips on going viral on Tiktok, check out part 2 of our interview here.

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