You make more money when your team levels-up their skills, confidence & techniques. Stylez was made to help you achieve that.

A major challenge of running a salon successfully is elevating a team of assistants and junior stylists toward growth and profitability.

Major impediments to their evolution can be:

  • Lack of confidence

  • Lack of clients

  • Inexperience

  • Inability to recreate looks clients request

  • Technical inadequacy 

  • Immature or weak mindset

  • Lack of professionalism

Let us help your team level-up & achieve success in your salon with 1,000 Video Recipe, Cheat Sheets & More Clients!

Get MORE CLIENTS and help your junior stylists do better hair!

  1. 1,000 video recipes show exactly how to cut, color & style like the best educators do

  2. The Career Kickstart program shows how to give professional service, achieve the right mindset & confidence to succeed

  3. Hairdating is a Tinder-like feature to help drive new clients to your salon

Don’t let anything be an impediment
to the success of your salon.


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