We started Stylez as an education platform, and as the world keeps evolving, so do we. Stylez is evolving beyond education to become a full support system for independent hairdressers

To grow nowadays, you need skills in addition to techniques, and that requires complete and comprehensive support. So Stylez will now be offering you the 3 things you need most to be successful and stress free: 

  1. Education,
  2. Business management tools, and
  3. Exclusive product savings $$$

We Promise to Help YOU:

  • Level-up & do better work, keeping you on-trend and making your clients happy
  • Easily manage your business, scheduling calendar & taxes
  • Save money! You can use less apps, get less emails & pay less memberships
  • Create any style your clients want – just follow our hair recipes 
  • Access exclusive, discounted pricing on trusted & professional products, tools & equipment


You have to keep yourself trained and educated, manage client relationships, do bookkeeping and manage your business, PLUS be a social media star – basically all on your own. But you’re not alone anymore…

We offer our efforts, our team, our experience and our vast network to be your support system, helping you in the major ways you need, like a business partner would. We aim to be there for you, every step of the way.

Have an education need? We will help.

Curious how to write off education investments on your taxes? We will help.

Need new styling tools? We will help.

Lock in your LIFETIME half-price membership

Starting in February, we will charge $39.99 per month. Secure your price of only $19.99 per month, forever. You’ll always get all we have to offer for that price. This offer lasts until prices go up to more standard, comparable pricing in February. 

support system for independent hairdressers

Upgrade today to seal the deal with THE professional support system for independent hairdressers – Stylez – before prices double!

To upgrade and secure your half-price offer:

  • Open Stylez
  • Hit profile in top right corner
  • Press Memberships
  • Choose your plan (annual plan comes with a free HairColor Bible book)

As always, reach out with any questions. We literally want to help in any way we can.

Thank you,

Magdi, Dheise, Fernando, Cory & the entire Stylez Team

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