We tried to start promoting #Hairdating to Consumers and it seems we are a little too sexy for social media!

No, we are not sad. 
Yes, we are bragging. 
This is a dream come true. 

Stylez, with the new launch of #Hairdating, has become so sexy that Facebook & Instagram will not show our ads! 

Don’t believe me? There’s proof:

Look at that! It says: ‘implies the ability to meet someone in a sexual way…’ Ha! Dang right – a sexy hair way!

We all know it! Hair is sexy, it should be sexy . . .so sexy that jaws drop . . . and sometimes clothes too!

Below is the ad we were trying to post. Is that a little too sexy for ya?!?!?!

We are obviously writing this in jest, but it’s 2020 and we all need to smile when we can! 

IF YOU HAVEN’T YET . . . fall in #hairlove yourself. HOW?

Get into Stylez and start HairDating, which allows you to interact with your existing clients in amazing new ways & most importantly, attract new, qualified clients.

This unique concierge service pre-qualifies clients for YOU, saving you time & giving your clients the best hair experience – every day. 

Love, Learn, Hair. 
Cory & the Stylez Team

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